Crude oil used across the globe forming a pivotal part of our daily lives.

Without it the world known to us would pretty much be in the dark. As it forms the foundation of power to just about everything, we use every day.

Crude Oil around the globe

Since it’s discovery Petroleum dates back to prehistoric civilizations. It has a VIP place in our economy, politics and of course technology.

So how did it become to be such an important commodity?

The increased value was because of the internal combustion engine that was invented.

The importance of commercial aviation and its role in organic chemistry. Especially in the composite of pesticides and adhesives, fertilisers, plastics, and solvents.

Historical background of Crude oil

It is said to believe that more than 4000 years ago asphalt was used in the construction of the walls and towers Babylon.

There was a pitch spring on Zacynthus and oil pits near Babylon. Also, great quantities of oil were found on the river banks of Issus.

Ancient Persian tablets indicate that petroleum had medicinal and lighting uses. And was especially popular in the upper levels of society.

crude oil extraction

China records the first use of petroleum as fuel

Of course, China also has its finger in the pies. As the use of petroleum in China dates back to more than 2000 years ago.

Unrefined oil was first discovered, extracted and used in China in the first century BCE.

China was then also the first to record the use of petroleum as fuel as early as the fourth century.

And by 347 Ad, oil was produced from bamboo-drilled wells in China.

Arabic chemists distilled crude oil often as clear descriptions have been found in Arabic handbooks. Baghdad’s streets were paved with tar originating from petroleum. Making it accessible to the natural fields in the region.

Oil fields were exploited in the 9th century in and around modern Baku, Azerbaijan. These fields were described by Abu al-Hasan in the 10th century. And by Marko Polo in the 13th, describing the quantity of the wells as hundreds of shiploads.

Crude oil was also distilled by Arab and Persian Chemists. In order to produce flammable products for military purpose.

By the 12th century, distillation became available in Western Europe and was also present in Romania since the 13th century.

crude oil

Back to the future

Today we use crude oil every single day.

Whether it is in the form of petrol or diesel for our vehicles or in items like plastic containers or ink.

Over the decades the extraction process has developed.

And the acquisition thereof is a lot faster making the world as we know it carries on as normal.

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