While fuel prices have moderated during October with the possibility of some relief for the petrol users. Diesel and illuminating paraffin users will find themselves in quite the opposite boat.

The AA says that the exchange rate started the month badly but has leveled out. The modest gains of the rand against the US dollar has played a significant role.

However, both diesel and illuminating paraffin experienced substantial jump in October resulting in 30 cents per litre increase.

The prospects though for the Festive season is looking good with regards to the fuel prices.

That is of course should the rand maintain its current trajectory, however the motoring body cautions against premature celebration.

Baring our fuel prices in mind which can leave one’s budget in a jumpy state as well. Here are a few tips to help each tank go further.

Drive Smoothly

Studies by Ford have shown that motorists can slash both their fuel bill and their emissions by as much as 25 cent by adopting a less aggressive driving style. So accelerate smoothly, brake softer and earlier, don’t constantly change lanes and avoid speeding.

Slow down

Driving slower can improve your efficiency.

No Idling

Avoid idling. Prolonged idling increase emission and wastes fuel.

Remove unnecessary Cargo

Travel lighter. Reducing your cargo in your boot and back seat can improve your fuel efficiency as less energy is needed to accelerate.

Reduce aerodynamic drag

If you plan to spend lots of time on the highway or a long trip, try to transport items inside the vehicle or attach to the rear, rather than the roof. As a carrier or bike on the roof adds more wind resistance. Also keeping your windows and sunroof closed can lower wind resistance.

Use cruise control

Activating cruise control keeps your from mindlessly driving faster. Maintaining constant speed will add to saving your tank.

Combine Trips

Many short trips use more fuel, instead group as many errands together as possible.

Keep your engine tuned

Fixing your out of tune vehicle can improve fuel economy.

Keep tyres property inflated

The optimum inflation pressure can be found on a sticker, usually located inside the driver’s door. Don’t exceed the pressure as to get the optimum performance in terms of traction and life span.

Use the recommended grade of motor oil

Following the manufacturers grade of motor oil will keep your engine system working efficiently.



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