The rising fuel prices are hurting us when we are filling up. Compared to last year March there are not many vehicles around that can be filled up for under a R1 000.00

The fuel price is still climbing every week. While we’ve seen the fuel price slowly decrease in previous years, this year we’ve seen nothing but increases. The past month has seen petrol go up by R0.36 per litre and diesel by R0.24 per litre at most petrol stations in South Africa.

Our latest fuel prices this year has seen people with large cars paying almost R500 more for a full tank of fuel, while the smaller vehicle drivers are paying at least R150 more compared to March last year.

So our midrange Drivers such as Toyota Corolla and Polo are paying more than a R1 000.00 for a full tank of fuel

One of the few cars you can still have a full tank for under a R1 000.00 is the Renault Kwid, which you can fill up for R604.00 and the VW Polo – 45 litres which makes it at just under a R1 000.00

We are all aware that the weaker rand and the soaring crude oil prices are due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, but how much further will it go.

Compared to March 2021 this year this is what it will cost to fill up some of the following vehicles.

Range Rover Sport SE – 86 Litres:

March 2021 – R1 219.00

March 2022 – R1 681.00

Renautl Kwid:

March 2021 – R456.00

March 2022 – R604.00

Ford Ranger – 80 Litres:

March 2021 – R1 134.00

March 2022 – R1 564.00

Toyota Corolla Quest:

March 2021 – R897.00

March 2022 – R1 188.00

BMW 3 Seris – 50 Litres:

March 2021 – R962.00

March 2022 – R1 274.00

VW Polo – R45 Litres:

March 2021 – R734.00

March 2022 – R972.00

The latest data from the Central Energy Fund shows consumers will experience more pain when filling up their cars next month.

In its mid-month fuel prediction, the CEF says motorists will pay about R2 more for 95-octane petrol and about R3 more for diesel.

The CEF recently released their mid-month predictions for April’s fuel prices and it has been found that the pain at the pumps will continue for consumers.

The CEF predicts that the average fuel price per litre will be about R2 higher for 95-Octane Petrol and about R3.00 more for diesel.

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